White Night Melbourne with #CreateArtHistory

We are super excited to have been featured in this year’s White Night in Melbourne with our collage “Victoria” from #CreateArtHistory design contest. White Night took place on 17 February 2018 in Melbourne and you can fidn out more about it here.

The winning artworks became part of a fascinating projection at White Night Melbourne, an annual visual event using the facades of beautiful buildings as screens for amazing audio-visual shows. #CreateArtHistory is a projection celebrating the finalists and winning artists of the #CreateArtHistory competition, presented by State Library Victoria and independent art marketplace Redbubble.

Check out how the State Library of Victoria showcased the works of #CreateArtHistory.  With every artwork the surrounding images changed to come to harmony with the work shown, while at the same time some parts of each artwork moved in a wonderful “live” effect.

Our collage “Victoria” can be seen at 1:55 in this video