“Prayer”collage in Monitor Festival’s poster

“Prayer” collage was selected to be on this year’s poster for Monitor Festival, an annual contemporary art festival in Heraclion, Crete.

Monitor Festival consists of art exhibitions,photography exhibitions, art installations, special performances,digital arts,  theatrical plays and music concerts and DJ sets.


Poster for Monitor Festival Heraclion Crete 2017
Poster for Monitor Festival 2017 2

Monitor Festival aims to start a conversation and connection between tradition and novelty, between arts and artists – from Crete, Greece and worldwide. They strive to contribute to the creation of new, authentic, artistic and cultural trends that will reflect the potential of the island’s younger generations, regarless of their age.

Monitor Festival’s events take place in central venues in Heraclion with free entrance for all.

Link: http://monitorfest.gr/