It is officially “Back To School” season so we thought we’d share a few of our favourite notebook that we have available. We ourselves may be past the age of school now, but truth be told, we still collect all kinds of notebook. It is something about blank paper that we find very appealing. Not to mention the different, colourful covers we often discover.

There are 3 different types of notebooks we offer with our collages on.


1.Hard Cover Journals. With wrap around hardback cover and 128 pages blank, ruled or graph pages. The usual design in printed at the from and back, but we have a small selection where the description of the artwork is printed on a black back cover.


 2.Regular Notebooks. With wraparound art and 52 pages , lined or unlined. Available in sets of 3 too.

  3.Spiral Notebooks. With art on the front cover and 120 pages, ruled or graph. Handy document pocket inside the back cover.

Take a look at our collections.
If you see a design missing as your favourite type of notebooks, let us know, we’ll get right to it!